Golden Lady “Call it the imminent smell of summer in the air, whatever the reason, it’s all about beats this week. Check out glitchy new track by Mt Kimbie, Crystal Castles give us some spooky electro and some cool analogue techno, courtesy of Vails. Enjoy! VIDEO OF THE DAY – SUMMER BEATS Check out THE […]

Vital Signs – Midnight Juggernauts

A video collaboration between Midnight Juggernauts and Krozm Directed by Krozm Artwork and Video Concept by Midnight Juggernauts DOP: Stefan Duscio Central Structure by Dylan Martorell Sculpture Lights by MPH. Found at chinpanglung by Mr Dope


INTERVIEW WITH DJ TIMES MAGAZINE DJ Times: What music have you guys been working on recently?Need: At the moment, we are out on tour so we don’t have much time to work on music. The last stuff we did we composed the music for a piece of theater that was played twice in Paris, at […]

Soul Clap – Extravaganza

“taken from The Soul Clap boys’ new R&B EP – Extravaganza is a housed-up reworking of the Jamie Foxx R&B fave anthem.”Found at by Mr Dope


“Uni_form is an indie / post-punk band from Lisbon, Portugal. Originally formed in 2006 by siblings UMBIGU (bass / synths) and EXPLODING BOY (drums), it wasn’t until VOX MACHINA (vocals / guitar) joined the band that things started rolling. Sharing a common affection for bands like Joy Division, Interpol, Editors, White Lies, The Killers, The […]

Ski Beatz (feat. Stalley)

The song was produced by Ski Beatz and it’s included on his 24 Hour Karate School. Watch here the amazing original video, directed by Creative Control. Found at by Mr Dope